Nidhogg [PC] [2014]

Who cares about graphics? This game has incredible gameplay and that is why Nidhogg was awarded many times. Few days to offical release, but why do not play this game earlier if we share with you download links, which has crack included. We’re also adding multiplayer crack to play this game with friends online. Enjoy!

nidhoggConcerned production is created for a long time and already it gained several previews awards. We must admit that the visual style is uniquely presents and brings to mind the titles of the likes of Prince of Persia or Centurion.

Nidhogg is a game based on the fight fencing, which counts the rivalry of two people. The main idea here is to reach the finish line before your opponent, which inevitably ends up duels between us and the other player. Each player is in fact set on the opposite edge of the tiny board. Defeating the enemy extends into the next, where our opponent reappears. We fight so fiercely for it to reach the end of each board.

You do not need to strike down your opponent to advance the battle further away from your start point as you can jump over them and run, but for sure they will chuck their sword at your back if that happens. It is everything concerning about subtle movements and reactions, an intense few minutes of twitches, lunges and missteps.

Nidhogg also has a professional soundtrack and you can expect unusual mix of bassy electronics and traditional jazz to accompany the intense sword-poking battles. Download this pc game for free and play on campaign using crack or with friends thanks to multiplayer crack.



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5 / 5 stars     

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    Every survey listed requires purchases. At the end it requires you to complete 2 silver offers, 1 gold offer, and 1 platinum offer. Waste of time.


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