Plague Inc: Evolved [PC] [2014]

Can you infect the World? Download Plague Inc: Evolved in full version, with crack and multiplayer crack to play online with friends.

 plague-inc-evolved-coverPlague Inc: Evolved is an unusual strategy game, which is a well-known port pecetowy mobile devices Plague Inc. We are dealing with a kind of simulation of a deadly pandemic virus – our task is to spread „plague” on the whole world, overcoming all defense systems developed by mankind. PC version received a number of improvements over the original, including the implementation of even a multiplayer mode.

It should be borne in mind, that Plague Inc: Evolved is a game greatly expanded and modified in relation to the original mobile. Let’s start with the fact that the gameplay offers additional capabilities (for example, richer statistical data on the spread of the disease), and after the game generated replay, through which we can analyze the last moments of fun and learn the lessons from past mistakes. It should also be remembered that in the Evolved enter the entire content of which was supplemented version for tablets and smartphones after the release (even as additional mutations of the virus).

Another novelty associated with improvements prepared by the developer layer manufacturing technology, especially graphic design. At the forefront of the implementation here cameras on the streets (showing the struggles of the inhabitants of the epidemic), scans of the human body, showing the mutations caused by the „plague”, as well as three-dimensional models of evolving virus particles.

The biggest new feature in version of PCs is the addition of multiplayer mode – both in co-operation (joint forces players to increase the impact of your virus) and competition (participants race to see who strikes first world population). Noteworthy is also the conclusion of the game editor. It allows you to develop new types of viruses, and even create their own worlds, which then can try to bring destruction. Great indie game, which you can remember from mobiles version of this game. Download it now and play completly free!




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5 / 5 stars     

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